Walking the Boring Path?

Reading Time: 3 mins

We are dangerously good at focusing on our exciting, or boring, walk of faith.

Some of us see it all at once. Lost, blind, dark, and suddenly there was Light. Blinking and overwhelmed with the beauty, more intensely bright from the former dungeon. What was evil and hidden, He brought to light. What was sinful and wicked, He transformed and renewed. Some of us can even point to a moment when this became clear. A revelation of sorts, something precious that was suddenly found. I quietly envy you. Because some of us have a less spectacular journey.

We are the ones who have walked a long, continuous road. We have been walking there for a lifetime, perhaps even generations. Nothing exciting or out of the ordinary, because this path had been trod upon for many years before us. The Light has been constant, not really fading nor brightening. There was no exceptional event, no heart wrenching conversion. And sometimes, on this ever-steady journey, I wonder if I have missed out on a critical element of experiencing the spectacular light of faith.

When the Word of God boldly shows His lighted path, He most certainly creates an uplifting story. We love to hear and see the power of the Word that once brought sun and moon and stars into existence before we were born. We listen closely to the tale of those who walk along the dark trails of drugs, murder, or prostitution, stumbling along blindly to eternal death. Cloaked in lies and foolishness, those who are blind don’t even know they are lost. But suddenly, that Light breaks in. Christ, a Word from outside, violently throws this poor soul on His lightened path. No matter where this fool came from, no matter what this fool chose to do, now he was walking on the path to eternal life, by the footsteps of a resurrected Lord. Forgiven, renewed, white as snow, even if stained with tracks and tattoos. These are the incredible stories we crave to remember.

The Soft Whispers of God’s Word

It might be a less impactful story when the Word of God whispers softly along His steady path. We can almost forget the hidden deadly flood that washed over the screaming head of billions of tiny Christians throughout the history of God’s people. Generations silently stolen from the shadowy arms of the Deceiver, planted firmly on the Word’s path of eternal life, years before tiny mouths could ever speak.

Even though I am made sick by the shocking realization of my own sin, quietly terrified that the judgment of the angry jealous God was meant for me, I know my story is the story of God’s whisper - not nearly juicy enough to attract a sympathetic following. Yet, God provides a comforting flicker of an incredible feast to come, given to me, to taste and chew every ordinary Sunday morning – a refreshing Light of forgiveness that appears as mundane as brushing your teeth. I am covered in underserved salvation, but just as a regular mom. My journey is much more common than those impressive and unique journeys sure to bring the honor due to that Light.

Has my path has been enlightened enough? I question if there is something more impactful and glorious that should happen during this walk of faith. Is the personal, extraordinary, stand-out story a benchmark of true, authentic faith? Should I still be looking for my mountain-top moment? Is my non-impressive faith walk worthy of such an awesome and excellent God?

Our Salvation Story or Gods?

Oh, how we love to turn our eyes away from Christ’s path on to our own. We are dangerously good at focusing on our exciting, or boring, walk of faith. We are quick to harness that Light to make Him shine where we want Him to; we capture the Savior to speak on our terms. Our walk slides into the limelight. Our path becomes the salvation story we would rather tell.

We are dangerously good at focusing on our exciting, or boring, walk of faith.

But Christ stands alone, at the beginning and end of our path. Regardless of whether we were suddenly jolted out of darkness, adjusting our eyes to His sweet, new light. Regardless of whether we have been rhythmically plodding along in the light that has guided us for generations. This path we have found ourselves walking along does not belong to us and our story. This path belongs to the Word. This path belongs to Christ. His walk, His light, His victory has made our story a great one.

So yes, some of us see it all at once: lost, blind, dark, then suddenly, light. And some of us have walked for generations on the long continuous road. But exciting or boring, young or old, a long time or a short time, the path is the same. It is God’s Word born of Mary. It is righteousness walking in the dust of Creation. It is sinless blood spilling over ignorant fools. It is the way to reconciliation with the Father and everlasting life. It is a path that only the Son of God could walk. And the unbelievable force of this story is that He simply gives His path to you.

Stop worrying about your boring journey. Stop searching for your next exciting landmark along the road. Just take comfort in the righteous, ever-living path of Christ that He has graciously given to you.