1. What is the Law of God and what does it do? Craig and Troy the three uses of the law, what they are, and what their effect is.
  2. The question remains, how do we get connected to this Isaianic Servant? How do we get into a relationship with Him so our perspectives and lives might be changed? We want to see God rightly, so where do we look?
  3. Luther is on a mission to wake up Erasmus and his sleeping God.
  4. While these are familiar words to us, frequently they are dealt with in ways that fail to take into account the context and the situation.
  5. The season of Lent gives almost unparalleled opportunity for preachers to placard before their auditors the Cross of Christ and beckon Christians to take up their cross and follow Him.
  6. Scott and Caleb are joined by John Hoyum to talk about the Reformation shift on the doctrine of the Law.
  7. So, look . . . if you want to rely upon works of the Law to lay claim to the title "child of God," you can't. To be under the Law is to be a slave, and slaves are not sons.
  8. Paul shows that the Law was never intended to save, but that salvation comes only through promise. The Law merely served as an instructor until the coming of the promised Christ.
  9. Paul has a full head of steam and runs into the ground the notion that we receive the Spirit by works instead of by grace. Instead, we are of Abraham, the man of Christ.
  10. Apostle fight, round one . . . GO! Paul puts the smackdown on Peter in a in a no-holds-barred fight for the gospel, because there's too much at stake.
  11. Cliché preaching may be symptomatic of shallow, consumerist culture, perpetuating a problem rather than the solution.

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