1. Before we set out for the Lenten journey though, we meet with God on this mountain, at this moment, and in this holy gathering where our vision is transformed, looking forward to Jesus and knowing He will lead us all the way from death, to life, to a new life now, and a life in the Promised Land of Heaven forever.    
  2. The Transfiguration means no one must wait in uncertainty and darkness for the morning star to (re)appear.
  3. Jesus came not to overwhelm us with His majesty but to touch us with God’s love.
  4. Jesus stands before the disciples as the bridge between heaven and earth, and between Old Testament and New Testament.
  5. In this episode of Preaching the Text, Steven Paulson and John Hoyum examine the story of Christ's transfiguration before three of his apostles on the mount of Transfiguration.
  6. Hidden beneath the sinner is a glorious saint. Jesus has declared it to be so in your baptism.
  7. God is mercy. He was mercy then. He’s mercy now. God showed them His glory, if only a reflection, in the face of Moses.
  8. The LORD God shows His favor and presence with Joshua in the parting of the Jordan and other signs which suggest Joshua is the new Moses… but he is not!
  9. You have been given a glimpse of glory, the glory of forgiveness, that you can share with those around you in the world.

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