1. This Too Shall Pass. In this episode, we discuss temporary and eternal things, transfiguration, cosmic events, dancing on the liminal edge, mammon, profiteering, earthly vocations, the Trinity, and the music of the spheres.
  2. At the Transfiguration, we say farewell to alleluia and hello to the horrific reality of our lost condition.
  3. How do we celebrate the Transfiguration? We listen to Jesus. His words bring forgiveness and life that transfigure our world.
  4. Boldness means a lack of fear from cancel-culture and a disregard for worldly retribution. Boldly preach! Christ has overcome the world.
  5. Before we set out for that Lenten journey, though, we meet with God on many mountains with Elijah and Moses, and through the same number of valleys with them as well.
  6. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson discuss the readings for Transfiguration Sunday.
  7. Behind the preacher stands Christ Jesus. Preachers listen to Jesus so that, in turn, they may preach Him, and their congregations may hear the voice of the Good Shepherd from the mouths of their pastors.
  8. We are back with author Sarah Hinlicky Wilson to talk about her kickstarter book on the Transfiguration.

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