1. When the Law is viewed in its true light, when its "glory" is revealed, it is found to do nothing more than to kill man and sink him into condemnation.
  2. God’s design in the Law is to enable man to know himself; to perceive the false and unjustified state of his heart; to discover how far he is from God and to disdain his own goodness.
  3. Aquinas would craft a systematic theology that did with the matter of faith what Aristotle had done with the natural world.
  4. Our certainty is of Christ, that mighty hero who overcame the Law, sin, death, and all evils.
  5. There is one verse in the Bible that talks about tattoos. In this article, Chad Bird explores the original Hebrew of that verse to see what light it sheds, looks at the verse in context, and discusses what application--if any--this verse has for Christians today.
  6. While these are familiar words to us, frequently they are dealt with in ways that fail to take into account the context and the situation.
  7. When we stop looking to Christ in faith, we are walking in sin. Anything (including our supposed law-keeping) that does not proceed from faith is sin.
  8. Different groups within Christianity disagree as to whether Jesus should be depicted in icons, crucifixes, paintings, or other visual media. In this article, Chad Bird approaches the question from the angle of both the commandments and the incarnation.
  9. The season of Lent gives almost unparalleled opportunity for preachers to placard before their auditors the Cross of Christ and beckon Christians to take up their cross and follow Him.
  10. God uses the fifth commandment to protect us from selfishness, prevent us from only thinking about our needs, and to drive us to Christ and our neighbors.
  11. Imperatives are good for many things. Luther said the Law is good, but precisely because it is good, it has become poison and death to the bad. The Law does not give life but evaluates it, and we encounter day in and day out its negative evaluation of us.
  12. What doesn’t kill you might actually be a cheapened law that leaves wiggle room and space in the door for your old man to stick his foot in and get in on the work of Christ.

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