1. Pastor Killian Teaches On Romans 3:19-28
  2. Dr. Paulson explores another violent metaphor from Luther, the arrow of conviction.
  3. When the Law is viewed in its true light, when its "glory" is revealed, it is found to do nothing more than to kill man and sink him into condemnation.
  4. Dr. Paulson continues his conversation on the painful awareness.
  5. What happens when the knowledge of the Law doesn't bring power?
  6. In this episode, Paulson discusses Peter Lombard.
  7. Dr. Paulson discusses Augustine's turn toward a Law that does not accuse.
  8. God’s design in the Law is to enable man to know himself; to perceive the false and unjustified state of his heart; to discover how far he is from God and to disdain his own goodness.
  9. Aquinas would craft a systematic theology that did with the matter of faith what Aristotle had done with the natural world.

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