1. The promise is trustworthy because God has proven Himself to be trustworthy.
  2. On episode TWO of Let the Bird Fly! we discuss time-zones, naps, recess, the story of the Fall in Genesis 3, the Human Condition, and probably far too much Kierkegaard.
  3. He finds the woman and the man in the Garden and fought back for the identity of His people.
  4. In those waters we are nailed to his cross and washed out the door of his tomb. Within his wounds we safely hide.
  5. Still, sadly, many polls suggest that above 50% of Americans get their news from social media sites as opposed to actual news sites.
  6. The Garden of Eden proved to be the first battlefield between God and his submissive people.
  7. They were incapable of covering their shame. They knew what they'd done was evil, but since they were only "like" God, there was no way for them to go back and replace evil with good.
  8. The flower of youth, as lovely as it is, cannot withstand the hot winds of time. There is a beauty, however, that remains.
  9. The fall of man and the God who searches.
  10. Here is the truth: we have gained more in Jesus than we lost in Adam. We lost human perfection in the first man's fall. We gained perfect flesh-and-blood unity with God in his Son's incarnation.