1. While the insights in each chapter are uniquely personal to the individual writers, the overarching theme is one of the sufficiency of Christ.
  2. What does the Prince of Peace mean when He says, "I've come not to bring peace, but a sword?" In sending out The Twelve, Jesus reminds us all of just Who is our very identity.
  3. Jesus uses a lot of animal metaphors in order to instruct His disciples in how to interact with the world.
  4. Everyone is living as a naked sufferer who’s been duped into believing that the nakedness of suffering has to be covered up.
  5. On episode ONE HUNDRED AND NINETEEN Wade and Mike sit down with Rev. Raleigh Sadler and Rev. Dr. Josh Branum while at the 2019 Here We Still Stand Conference. Dr. Branum is pastor at Faithbridge Church in Jacksonville, Florida and serves with Rev. Sadler at the Let My People Go ministry. Rev. Sadler is the founder and executive director of Let My People Go and author the book Vulnerable.
  6. Good Friday encompasses the silence of God, even as it focuses on our salvation in the cross of Christ.
  7. The Bible is a book for the desperate. That is its target audience. Recognizing our desperation readies us to hear the consolation that only God’s Word can offer.
  8. Get behind me bourgie theology! Pick up your cross and turn on your radio to Ringside Preachers. Talking about Rush Limbaugh’s legacy, shaking hands like a man and not a fish, and you-know-who: Jesus.
  9. Is it cooler to think there is a grand secret conspiracy based on human trafficking or that human trafficking happens far more often and far more normally than we are comfortable with? And how did we create a culture that produced Marilyn Manson and is simultaneously shocked and offended by him? Oh yeah, we are really all idiots incapable of running our own lives let alone the world!
  10. Like needing to find a bathroom, the urgency of preaching the presence of God’s kingdom should be felt in the very inner being of every pastor. Not that anything has changed, but God is definitely demonstrating the vulnerability of sinners to the masses. The harvest is now!
  11. Experience the reality of God while the world is ending. Ringside Preachers, Craft of Preaching, and Dr. Arthur Just from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne explore how the real tangible gifts of God break through the shadows of this crumbling world.

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