1. Lord, remember us to remind us, that we may know all good things come from you.
  2. We have to “remember” that God remembers us. He has not fallen away. For God to remember us means he is working for our good; a restoration.
  3. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN, Mike, Wade, and Greg discuss despair, disenchantment, acedia, and other despair-related things.
  4. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SIX, Mike and Wade discuss disappointment.
  5. Godly, upright in heart, righteous. Sinful, sorrowful, wasting away.
  6. It can all seem so unfair. The wicked prosper and the ones who look to God seem to suffer the most.
  7. Psalm 60 is a lament that begins with a harsh and bitter accusation, namely that God has rejected us. David complains about rejection, loss, national tragedy and
  8. Your loving Lord is not oblivious to your pain and sadness.

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