1. Dr. Paulson discusses the devastating impact of Scriptural interpretation that tries to get around the difficult and real passages of the text.
  2. Preachers and church workers must also hear the gospel preached to them.
  3. Every incendiary move of God’s Spirit is accompanied by a group of penitent people rediscovering the power and preeminence of God’s Word.
  4. Luther's September Testament not only shaped the reformers’ theology but also was as big an influence on the German language as Shakespeare was for English.
  5. This is an excerpt from chapter 1 of “A Shepherd’s Letter: The Faith Once and For All Delivered to the Evangelical Church” written by Bo Giertz and translated by Bror Erickson (1517 Publishing, 2022).
  6. Is Scripture clear? Dr. Paulson talks about the internal and external clarity of Scripture.
  7. Jesus did not come because we had our act together. He came because we couldn’t get our act together.

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