1. The reason nothing can come before Jesus is because nothing endures beyond the grave except for Jesus.
  2. New Creations in an Old World
  3. In the text, Jesus enters a Pharisee’s house for dinner. Between the invitation and the meal, however, Jesus transforms this man’s home into a place of God’s care.
  4. When offering encouragement to His disciples to follow Him, Jesus did not promise a pain-free life in this world. Instead, He highlighted the struggle and the difficulty. Why?
  5. To “trust in God in trial” means we fight our battles by kneeling and praying to “the Holy One of Israel,” who works out our deliverance by himself.
  6. We bring nothing with us that contributes to the preaching or the hearing of God’s promise to us.
  7. This is true discipleship. We live with Jesus, we hold on to Jesus, we suffer with Jesus, because Jesus brings a divisive peace that saves.

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