1. My words are peanuts compared to the porterhouse of God’s Word.
  2. Dangerous Bible stories show us a God who has no problem whatsoever using the muck and mire of our worst days to make his progress toward his good goal happen.
  3. I can only disbelieve you or believe you. If I disbelieve you, I go on being a miserable bore.
  4. We long for the Great Thanksgiving that hasn’t happened yet.
  5. When we Christians shoehorn Creedal Christianity into any of these ideological positions we obscure the Gospel mingling it with the Law and strip the Good News of its catholicity.
  6. The first course is always humble pie because, at the table, there are just two seats: from humiliation to exaltation.
  7. Preaching is a dangerous and difficult task. Some occupations might involve more harrowing situations and circumstances but I will continue to contend that there’s not a more perilous or vulnerable position to be in than behind the pulpit.
  8. The cross presents us a radically different standard. In God’s justice executed in the cross of Christ, nobody gets what they deserve.
  9. Proper preaching of good works is never for our encouragement.