1. Humanism, Scholasticism, ad fontes . . . how did we get to the 95 Theses and what does this mean? You can read what Luther never intended you to see in the 95 Theses.
  2. This is an adaptation of the introduction from “In Defense of Martin Luther” written by John Warwick Montgomery (1517 Publishing, 2017). Used with permission.
  3. Be a hero and listen up to the preachers! Real men die for a purpose and bring back a little doctrine in their sermons. Martin Luther would be proud.
  4. Whether you are a Christian or not, you cannot escape the significance of the Reformation. It is an important chapter in western history; yes, in world history.
  5. The command to love those nearby is as challenging as it is simple. Jesus took the initiative to come near to us in loving sacrifice.
  6. Justification matters so deeply. It is a matter of life and death, Heaven and Hell. It must be preached that way. Especially today.
  7. The LORD is the God of Israel and, therefore, Israel can walk in His paths with holiness and righteousness because His holiness is with them and on them.
  8. Faithful celebration of the Reformation is possible only for those who understand they have nothing. Whose incapability and insufficiency are obvious and owned. Who recognize their dependence on God for all things. In other words, Reformation is for children.
  9. Are people so different today? Is justification really irrelevant now? Is the preacher’s only point of contact with the life-giving Gospel a by-product of Microsoft’s word processor? I do not think so.

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