1. God has in fact executed his plans for his people, plans of peace (probably a better translation than welfare), a future, and a hope in Jesus Christ.
  2. God uses the unlikely, the unexpected, and sometimes even the unsavory to deliver us and to crush the heads of his enemies
  3. A seed grows the kingdom of God. A whisper eventually turns the world upside down. A carpenter’s son from nowhere becomes the Savior of everyone. Such is God’s way.
  4. Today, we begin a short series profiling women in the Bible (Who are not named Ruth or Esther). Both the stories of Ruth and Esther are beautiful, gracious, and profound. We love reading and rereading them. However, in an attempt to bring attention to more stories of more women throughout the Scriptures, we choose now to shift our focus. Our first woman, is, the first woman herself: Eve.
  5. Calvary is our mountain of pardon. It is the place which reveals most definitively God’s plan to redeem and reconcile sinners to himself.
  6. What God created, God will grow. We don’t add a few stitches onto his creation.
  7. God will give you more than you can handle. But he doesn’t leave you alone. Not at all.
  8. Through the often abominable and lamentable and occasional commendable season, there is one who remains unmoved by it all.
  9. That a celestial phenomenon should be appropriated worldwide for iconic value or to illustrate a mythological legend makes perfect sense. One cannot copyright the rainbow.
  10. You and I have a God who pardons all our wrongdoing by taking all of them onto himself. He doesn’t zap us into oblivion at the first sign of rebellion.
  11. What is it mean to be blessed? What does it mean to bless others? In this episode, we talk about the power of words, and the power of the gospel given through words.

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