1. Once again, Samson feels he's been wronged.
  2. So, how many ways can Samson violate his Naziritic vows (that's a question, Samson, not a challenge!)?
  3. The beginnings of Samson the Nazirite and his vows.
  4. Gideon swears that none but God will be the leader of Israel, and then immediately becomes a tyrant.
  5. God always seems to work through that which is least likely to work, so that all glory is ascribed to Him.
  6. Gideon accepts the call of the Lord whole-heartedly . . . well actually no.
  7. The story of Deborah, Barak, and Jael is interesting and complicated.
  8. The Lord calls Gideon while he is hiding out in a winepress for fear of the Midianites.
  9. Craig and Troy ponder Palm Sunday as they look at Jesus riding on an unused donkey into Jerusalem.
  10. Peter's profound promises to perfectly protect the progeny of the Padre putter out. Jesus is tormented to His core knowing what He is about to face, but commits Himself for you.
  11. Who is a true child of God? Who is a true child of the promise? Paul gives a surprising allegory that helps us understand just how easily we fall into the trap of selling ourselves back into spiritual slavery.
  12. Paul shows that the Law was never intended to save, but that salvation comes only through promise. The Law merely served as an instructor until the coming of the promised Christ.