1. Peter's profound promises to perfectly protect the progeny of the Padre putter out. Jesus is tormented to His core knowing what He is about to face, but commits Himself for you.
  2. Who is a true child of God? Who is a true child of the promise? Paul gives a surprising allegory that helps us understand just how easily we fall into the trap of selling ourselves back into spiritual slavery.
  3. Paul shows that the Law was never intended to save, but that salvation comes only through promise. The Law merely served as an instructor until the coming of the promised Christ.
  4. We fail over and over again to tame the sin in our hearts, to guard the doors of our lips and to act like the children of God.
  5. So what's the back side? What's the promise? We shall not have other gods, but we do have the one, true God—the promise of a God for us.