1. Is God silent? Can Christians hear the voice of God? Are there still prophets? The Thinking Fellows spend this week's episode addressing concerns and questions about the silence of God.
  2. We have to “remember” that God remembers us. He has not fallen away. For God to remember us means he is working for our good; a restoration.
  3. When we forget that we live by promise, that's when the danger tends to creep in. Because failing to embrace promise means we usually fall back into notions of luck, or even worse--into works.
  4. I think the problem with the idea of eternity is that we do not have any direct experience of it, but we encounter enough of its possibility to be unsettling.
  5. Logos theology is a theology of presence without division. It is a way of unification, of which the incarnation is the greatest visible example.
  6. Nostalgia is a looter who impoverishes us of the truth that God is in our midst right now.
  7. When we are hurt, we cry out to God. But sometimes when the hurt gets really intense, our lament turns to complaint. Not only is this normal, but almost every lament in scripture contains a complaint.
  8. God will keep his promises, but how he keeps them is often quite surprising.
  9. How we feel is so often conditioned upon what we are experiencing. Faith grabs hold of something outside our experience, something objective and true that is not changed by circumstance.
  10. God is always better than your imaginings. God is greater than your thoughts about God!
  11. What does it mean to be a child of God and to carry his image? This is a theological question, but it is a question necessary for our self-understanding