1. When Jesus leaves His disciples, He leaves them in a world that is more fully alive because of His gift of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Jesus is found in places of suffering, both with the one suffering and with the one giving mercy, in the most mysterious of ways.
  3. Those who imagine God as hard and ungracious are judged severely. Those who trust in God’s mercy in Jesus are encouraged immensely.
  4. Rather than ask what bridesmaid we are, Jesus invites us to see what a bridegroom He is.
  5. Discipleship involves listening to the Word of God. But discipleship is not only about listening to the Word of God. It also involves listening to the world.
  6. In the kitchen of Jesus, God gathers individuals who live on the margins. Their lives do not fit the dress code of a five-star restaurant. Their language offends and their behavior dismays and, deep down, like the disciples, we may just want Jesus to send them away.
  7. No matter how far down you fall into the wavering waters of “If you are...” prayers, Jesus is there.
  8. Jesus is the One leading and teaching God’s people, who sustains them when they hunger in the wilderness.
  9. Jesus fills us with the Spirit and sends us as sources of living water into the thirsting world.
  10. As the church year ends, we are not give a vision of Jesus on His throne, ruling over a new creation. Instead, we see Jesus ruling from the cross. His grace comes in the midst of suffering and pain.
  11. When God does not give you a life free from suffering, He calls you to look for Him in the midst of suffering. There you find Him doing His work, giving you words to speak and promises to hold onto.
  12. In the text, Jesus enters a Pharisee’s house for dinner. Between the invitation and the meal, however, Jesus transforms this man’s home into a place of God’s care.

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