1. Here is your sign, the Son of God who took the Law and gave you the Gospel by His saving death and resurrection.
  2. After pronouncing judgment on these wayward shepherds, God promises to shepherd His people Himself and then to raise up under-shepherds over them.
  3. The message of Amos comes home to us as we reflect on the prosperity in our land, our good life, our comparative comfort which are no guarantee that God looks favorably on our ways of living.
  4. God’s Word is not merely information to be conveyed about ideas. No, the proclaimed Word of God is powerful, effective, active, and it has the ability to bring about the reality it was sent to proclaim.
  5. Lamentations bids us to keep this in mind, that we always have hope when we hope in the Lord.
  6. Job is given something so much more comforting than an explanation: He is assured of God’s nearer presence.
  7. Ultimately, God’s plan is not just for nations and politics. His plan is one of salvation, seen ultimately fulfilled in Christ.
  8. In order to find hope, you would have to run a marathon through your Bible to find where God reverses the curse on another tree!
  9. Through His Word, Jesus is fashioning and forming us to be His disciples who follow Him. It is important on this first Sunday after Pentecost that we remember to put worship (sabbath) first.
  10. “Can these bones live?” God asks Ezekiel, challenging the prophet and all who have ever looked into the face of death, and calling for a response.
  11. A good shepherd takes the little lamb from the flock and holds it in their arms.
  12. The Day of the Lord will be the “day of the Lord’s sacrifice.” That is how He will handle wrath and sin, by bloodshed and sacrifice.

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