1. When reading Jeremiah, it is evident that the word alone helps God’s people to first name their disaster, second to understand it, and finally to ultimately find hope through the promises of God.
  2. Jesus is the rock from which we were taken and the rock on which we now stand. This is the truth the Church confesses every time we gather for worship.
  3. Through the waters of baptism, you are born again into a new life, no longer defined by your past. The good news in Isaiah 56 is for you too!
  4. Job is an example of living the cruciform life as we wait for deliverance from the God who has given us His Word and also rescues us from our suffering at the second coming of Jesus.
  5. God had always planned on a free and full salvation, and He always deliberately gives it through means, even such means as we see are in our text.
  6. They are not loved because of their value, rather their value comes only from His gracious declaration of who they are to Him. Israel’s character had nothing to do with God’s choice or declaration.
  7. In His crucifixion, He took the nails deep into and through His skin to put your salvation there permanently.
  8. We know Jesus is good for keeping His Word because He always keeps His Word as evidenced in His death and resurrection.
  9. Messiah’s association with the covenant donkey hints that the way to glory will be achieved through the shedding of blood.
  10. What Christ did at Calvary restored not just one sinful nation back to God, but all peoples are reconciled through the work of Christ on the tree of Calvary.
  11. God never gives up and holds on to Jeremiah. He will hunt him down to give him the good news that He will deliver him.
  12. We can use this avian imagery to help us talk about how God pictures His salvation for Israel at Mount Sinai and then, by extension, to see the greater salvation God has given us in Jesus at Mount Calvary.

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