1. Craig and Troy discuss a very familiar parable which is very often interpreted incorrectly. Your works don't count. Oh, and substantival participles.
  2. Jesus aims His third parable at the self righteous who think their own clothing is good enough to merit God's kingdom.
  3. "Meek and mild" Jesus goes righteous rage on those who would turn a buck on what God would freely give.
  4. The problem isn't your stuff, and it isn't your efforts. The problem is YOU. With God, even your salvation is possible, but on your own you're toast.
  5. Craig and Troy riff on rapid-fire parables, and Jesus trains us for the Kingdom. Go back and check out our series on parables at https://tinyurl.com/y7h8hjve
  6. What happens when Jesus tells a parable about His Kingdom? Craig and Troy discuss Christ's Kingdom operates.
  7. Sow, Jesus seeds a parable and a pun, and lettuce understand. But when the corn grows, what ears hear and what ears don't?
  8. Luke 18:1-14: The Parable of the Persistent Widow Get what you want from God by pestering Him until He gives in! Actually . . . NO. Knowing the nature and character of God gives us boldness to approach Him.
  9. Matthew 13: The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares Craig and Troy discuss multiple parables at once, and so they come to the conclusion that sometimes an evil weed looks like a righteous one but sometimes a good fish looks bad. But when it comes to the Kingdom, only Christ and His angels will know how to separate one from the other. How are we to know which ones Christ has died for?
  10. How much forgiveness do you have? Forgiveness is a choice. What do two Monacos and one Toyota Corolla have in common? Tune in and find out!
  11. Give me oil for my lamp, keep it burning . . . The parable of the ten virgins shows us what it is to be prepared in Christ and unprepared in ourselves. #iwishwe’dallbeenready
  12. Luke 16, the “Parable” of the Rich Man and Lazarus Moses and the Prophets speak of Christ. If you don’t believe those words, why would you believe the actual resurrection?

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