1. Psalm 2 ends by describing the state of blessing for those take refuge in God. In this life we are often left to wondering why God, who loves the world so much, is so rejected and hated by so many that He created.
  2. The Thinking Fellows revisit the doctrine of sin.
  3. The world we inhabit is wrong in so many ways, and a holistic approach to this “wrongness” traces its cause both to sin itself and to the effects of sin.
  4. As the body positivity movement has gained traction, we must also be aware of some of its pitfalls
  5. Caleb and Scott read and discuss the first three articles of the Augsburg Confession and the Apology.
  6. Yes, Adam and Eve both participated in sin. This was a joint effort of the two genders of mankind. They are both sinners. But the first sin wasn't letting the serpent in the garden.
  7. Scott and Caleb are joined by John Hoyum to talk about how Luther and Melanchthon approached the doctrine of sin.
  8. God created humanity in his image and then inhabited that image. Not just for 33 years, but for eternity thereafter.
  9. That is the good news that ifies all hand wringing and wipes away every tear from every eye.
  10. It's ok to remember those who gave their life for their country and not remind them that Jesus did something greater just so they don't get a big head. You can tell them the Good News however! Sins forgiven - for free!
  11. The view of Total Depravity as it is usually understood by outsiders (and even many insiders), is often misunderstood. Despite appearances to the contrary, Total Depravity does not mean totally evil.

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