1. Israel's pride is defeated, yet as sinners often do, their focus remains inward on themselves. Like petulant children they bemoan their lot and continue to question their very existence.
  2. Mordecai won’t bow down.
  3. In today's episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price delve into Genesis 4:1-16, a pivotal passage that tells the story of Cain and Abel.
  4. When reading Jeremiah, it is evident that the word alone helps God’s people to first name their disaster, second to understand it, and finally to ultimately find hope through the promises of God.
  5. Decrees and a terrible beauty pageant.
  6. Jesus is the rock from which we were taken and the rock on which we now stand. This is the truth the Church confesses every time we gather for worship.
  7. Through the waters of baptism, you are born again into a new life, no longer defined by your past. The good news in Isaiah 56 is for you too!
  8. Family Camp Week #9
  9. Job is an example of living the cruciform life as we wait for deliverance from the God who has given us His Word and also rescues us from our suffering at the second coming of Jesus.
  10. In today's episode of Tough Tects, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price delve into Ecclesiastes 2:17-26.

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