1. In the Word, you find peace. It proclaims peace first between you and God because of Jesus. That empowers you to deal peacefully with others and brings you peace of mind.
  2. But the wicked do prosper.
  3. Moses cannot do what needs to be done for Israel much less for himself. We need a prophet greater than Moses, since even Moses needs a savior for himself.
  4. Job’s redeemer lives.
  5. In Epiphany, we witness this man and the miracles and ask: “Who is He?” Subsequently, in wonder and awe we might reply together with our Jonah reading: “Who knows?”
  6. Hope as your casket partner.
  7. When the wicked pursue the lowly.
  8. Indeed, in Samuel the Lord has drawn near as the words and actions of this unexpected prophet help us listen carefully to the voice of God in His rare Word.
  9. Talking to God like you know Him and He knows you.
  10. Just as God brought life from the chaotic formless waters at creation, so He brought life from the waters of the Jordan for you in Christ.
  11. Job wishes for the gospel.
  12. It was because He wore all our ugliness and mockery on the cross that we have this great exchange.

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