1. Your heavenly Father has not purchased you with gold or with silver but with the most valuable currency in the universe; the blood of God.
  2. Can you imagine Christmas from creation’s point of view?
  3. The only way to change the current state of worship songwriting and production is to create something different.
  4. Jesus cries on the cross for us. He suffers and cries and dies in our place. He is forsaken by his father so we don’t have to be.
  5. Today I would like to share The Legend of the Dogwood, inspired by the words of Stoney Cooper.
  6. The earliest followers of God sang their faith, which is no different today as we sing of the hope we have in Jesus.
  7. All our sin and shame is answered for in the death and resurrection of our Lord.
  8. FLAME uses Scripture and church history to argue that baptism is a gospel gift, not our work.
  9. For Japan’s highly secularized elite, alienated by collapsing opportunity and the materialistic void left behind, Bach’s music was a balm.
  10. In a time of unknown, the Flanigans found comfort in the words of the prayer book and made them truly their own.
  11. Everyone is living as a naked sufferer who’s been duped into believing that the nakedness of suffering has to be covered up.
  12. From Genesis to Revelation, Scripture echoes with the great songs of salvation that fill our ears, hearts, minds, and mouths with the good news of salvation in Jesus.

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