1. The list of things our kids need to know when they leave the house is much simpler than we might believe.
  2. In this episode, Gretchen and Katie talk about all the projects they have in the works. From speaking engagements, a book on patience, a book on motherhood, and perhaps a children's book?
  3. This article comes to us from 1517 guest contributor, Karen Stenberg.
  4. We all know what I think (maybe) Rachel knows: Celebrating ourselves isn’t enough. It won’t ever be enough.
  5. Life will not go as planned nor as we would hope, but "God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us."
  6. The scope of catechesis from the Reformation was broad and included not only instruction at church but in the home and in schools.
  7. Sometimes I think I've gone through the whole forgiveness process, but forgiveness for me often feels like I'm weeding my garden. I forgive and another offense pops up.
  8. They cannot know that I am already a father, but, this side of eternity, I won’t ever meet my child because of a miscarriage.
  9. We tell the little story of the Gospel because our great stories ultimately reflect Christ.
  10. We might assume that all ways are equal to raising a child in wisdom, but they are not.
  11. They say girls in our society should have nothing to worry about. They should have the opportunity for education and choices far beyond generations before.
  12. Never has the law fallen so hard on me as in motherhood. Never before was I more aware that my best wasn’t good enough.

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