1. When the Reformers read the Bible (especially when studied in the original languages), they found a God who was gracious and merciful for the sake of Christ.
  2. John Hoyum joins Caleb Keith to answer some listener questions.
  3. Drs. Rod Rosenbladt, Scott Keith, & Adam Francisco along with Caleb Keith will be traveling to Bergen, Noway in August to participate in Lutheran Study Days.
  4. The Thinking Fellows cover the major reformational events between 1535 and 1539.
  5. In honor of the anniversary of Philip Melanchthon’s Birthday, the following is an excerpt from Meeting Melanchthon written by Scott Keith (1517 Publishing, 2017).
  6. The Thinking Fellows continue outlining the events of the Reformation by following Luther’s move from the monastery to the university.
  7. On this episode, the Fellows focus on apologetic questions brought up from recent episodes and listener questions. Starting by questioning and analyzing possible methods for reaching the post-modern mind, the Fellows then move on to the question, did Luther practice apologetics?
  8. "What Drove Luther's Hammer" is a look behind the curtain of Martin Luther's reasons for reform.
  9. Dr. Keith is once again joined by Dr. Jim Nestingen, this time to discuss the relationship between Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon.
  10. Dr. James Nestingen joins the show once again, this time for an episode on the later life of Dr. Martin Luther.
  11. Today, The Fellows talk about the various biographies Martin Luther.
  12. It is impossible to pass up Luther and his significance in Chruch History.