1. Luther's September Testament not only shaped the reformers’ theology but also was as big an influence on the German language as Shakespeare was for English.
  2. Confession is not another ecclesiastical bludgeon but is instead a gift. There we can tell the truth about ourselves, knowing that Christ has only mercy for us in response.
  3. Luther had a living Word from God intended to land squarely among sinners.
  4. While Elector Frederick and Martin Luther never had a face-to-face meeting, the prince can be credited with the early success of the Reformation.
  5. Luther saw that God demands not that we become perfectly righteous like God but that we simply receive the gift of righteousness; a gift that actually makes us worthy.
  6. The result of this day’s proceedings, in Luther’s mind, was likely to be a painful death at the stake.
  7. Christ isn’t preached in his glory but in his ignominy, his utter shame, degradation, and desolation.
  8. The gospel promise is that God in Christ knows exactly what your temptations are and still bids you find protection from them in him.
  9. In some measure, if Luther had any success during his last two decades, it happened because of the woman who’d insisted on him as her bridegroom.
  10. Her importance goes beyond simply managing the reformer’s household.

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