1. The greatest example of consistency and the Spirit of loving generosity is, of course, Jesus Christ our Lord.
  2. Paul’s endurance substantiated and authenticated his ministry as being “of God” in ways not unlike other Christian witnesses and martyrs.
  3. With the resurrection of the Christ the mystery of life after death became a lot less mysterious. It moved from the realm of conjecture and fantasy to a reality grounded in (of all things!) our human bodies
  4. Eyes which are fixed on what is unseen will see the entire world in a different way.
  5. Just as the condemnation embraces us even now, so too does the remedy and the promise. Both are found in the cross of Christ.
  6. The real point of the tongues phenomenon lies not with spiritual endowments but in its redemptive historical significance.
  7. The one who believes has the Spirit, the water, and the blood literally within himself, bearing witness to the individual that Jesus is the risen and ruling savior of the world.
  8. We are chosen in love and for love. We abide in Jesus’ love and Jesus’ love abides in us for the neighbor.
  9. The hallmark of the Spirit of truth is that Jesus Christ, true Son of God, and true Son of Mary, “for us men and for our salvation,” came in the flesh.
  10. Christians are driven by different motives and an altogether different spirit than the unregenerate world.
  11. We are promised we will also be before Him as true persons, both soul and body, a resurrected and fully redeemed human being.
  12. The combination of the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection mean the present is transformed forever.

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