1. The will of the triune God is we are thankful for the goodness, grace, mercy, love, peace, and truth that flow from His works of creation and redemption.
  2. The future has come, and the future comes in the resurrected Christ who is present with His real voice and His real Presence in His holy Word and blessed Sacraments.
  3. Jesus is situated at the center of world history, a history which is going somewhere, from an Alpha point to the Omega point, and it pivots on the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ.
  4. This faith bears fruit, but it may be fruit that turns upside down the world’s values.
  5. Eyes which are fixed on what is unseen will see the whole world in a different way.
  6. The Apostle Peter’s monumental sermon on Pentecost declares the Kingdom purposes and divine saving work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which culminates in the new world order with Christ in charge.
  7. Pentecost is the event which jolts the world into taking note that something entirely new is taking place.
  8. If we humans willingly operate by the testimony of men in all sorts of matters, then how much more should we readily embrace the testimony of God concerning the death, resurrection, ascension, and rule of His Son?
  9. Love, as it pertains to divine qualities, is an unconditional love, love to the loveless and unlovable, divine love. God is agape. God is love.
  10. If Christ is the holiness, righteousness, salvation, truth, grace, resurrection life, eternal life, and perfection of God, then the spirit of the world is the antithesis of all those.

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