1. We live our lives of flesh dependent like slaves, but God has made us children and heirs through Christ. So, we must “unlearn” what we have learned in our lives of sin.
  2. We know how we stand before God, justified, or made just by Jesus’ blood. But there is a future reality too. We certainly will be saved in His judgment because we are justified.
  3. The woman in our text probably did not expect much from her trip to the well that day, but Jesus did. Jesus planned to meet her.
  4. People often get confused by Abram’s blessing, believing it was about ethnicity or real estate, but we know the blessing of Abram was the promise that would be fulfilled in Christ for you.
  5. Nicodemus remained silent. He stopped talking. He stopped asking questions. And he listened. He simply listened to Jesus. It was his smartest move yet.
  6. Paul says he would inherit the entire world, not merely a little plot of land between Egypt and Syria. This is what God is after in the Messiah: All people and the entire Earth.
  7. Indeed, Jesus has come to rule the nations, but He will do this by submitting to His Father’s will, not Satan’s.

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