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  1. Paul instructs Timothy on how to save both himself and his hearers. Craig and Troy feel momentary conviction over being irreverent and silly.
  2. Craig and Troy love Psalm 51 because of the truth it speaks: we are sinful, and God is gracious. When God cleanses, we are indeed made clean.
  3. Even from the moment of the Fall, God has never left us without His gracious promise of redemption. God moves first to cover us.
  4. The struggle is real. That is to say, the struggle with sin. Can we make ourselves holy? Can we find within ourselves the strength to make it better?
  5. Fear and great joy at Jesus' resurrection! But also rejection and refusal.
  6. God relentlessly pursues those who stray so that He may restore them to where they belong.
  7. Jesus came not only for the sheep, but apparently for the dogs as well. You won't believe what happens when she asks for a favor.
  8. Sow, Jesus seeds a parable and a pun, and lettuce understand. But when the corn grows, what ears hear and what ears don't?
  9. "Your faith has made you well" . . . except faith never believes in itself, but trusts only in its object, namely Jesus.
  10. Narrow gates, false prophets, and being denied by the Lord all stem from the same thing: the religion of "You." Craig and Troy work through some hard sayings in Jesus' sermon.
  11. You gotta serve/work for/obey/be of use to somebody . . . will it be for selfish gathering of treasures that fade and decay, or will it be service that comes from a sincere faith and a pure heart?
  12. Does God come that we might serve Him, or that He might serve man? Craig and Troy revisit the end of Matthew 3 to bring out the implications of what it means for Jesus to serve us by fulfilling all righteousness.

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