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  1. Even if not a turning point, 1518 is a point of no return for Luther.
  2. Apathy, melancholy, and disillusionment plague the footsteps of the up-and-coming generations more than ever, especially in the realm of religion, and it’s worth asking, “Why?”
  3. What is it that the 13th session actually has to say about the Eucharist, and how does it compare to what Luther and the reformers confessed about the Lord’s Supper?
  4. Looking back on the year, the narrative we’re fed is that we should be able to show how much we’ve grown, how much we’ve done, all the successes we’ve had, how improved we are.
  5. God does not combat the impending armies of Satan with might and power, but with the weakness of a babe.
  6. If someone confesses their sins into my ears, I have no options but to forgive them in the name of Christ.