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Kelsi Klembara
  1. Do you confess Christ as God in the flesh, born, died, and raised to new life for you? Any answer of yes will do
  2. Everyday Confessions and Learning How to Forgive
  3. The church is the only place God promises to lift us out of ourselves not in order to become more like God but so that we may finally be freed from our obsession with becoming little gods.
  4. As the body positivity movement has gained traction, we must also be aware of some of its pitfalls
  5. When we come to God with our faithful obedience to make a case for our just cause, we expect to hear his deliverance in the form of a "yes."
  6. It’s easy to slip into thinking about forgiveness solely in terms of our authority over it.
  7. We are meant to serve in love both our neighbor in need as well as the neighbor who doesn’t think they need us.
  8. “I forgive you,” must be said and it must be said often in a marriage.
  9. Yes, but. It's a phrase I find myself repeating often in life. When my husband asks for forgiveness, I too often respond, "I forgive you, but…” and then continue with a list of my grievances.
  10. When we are unsure of who God is, it’s to Christ that He tells us to look.
  11. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been anxious about something. I can still feel the weight of worry from my earliest fears - believing every night I would get sucked down the pipes along with dirty, draining bath water.