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  1. Sometimes our resistence to forgiveness is that we are attempting to give Christ-less grace.
  2. In this episode with Mike Cosper, we talk about grace and virtue. How do we "pursue virtue" and not let go of grace? We discuss the difference between self introspection by checking our own fruit, and confessing our sins.
  3. In this episode we introduce the topic of gender in regard to justification and sanctification. In other words, women aren't saved any differently than men. It was revolutionary back in New Testament times and in some circumstances, it's still revolutionary today.
  4. We are discussing "I can do all things through Christ" in context of the rest of the passage, and then we discuss the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac (rather... not sacrificing him) and whether or not Christians are called to sacrifice. Is that what this passage is talking about?
  5. We had 2 different listeners ask us: what does mortification of sin, also known as mortification of the flesh look like? In this episode, we talk about where this term came from, and what it means.
  6. It's easy to look at our faith through an emotional lens. Are you on an emotional high, or an emotional low? Are you on a mountaintop, or are things silent in the valley? What happens to your faith when you aren't "feeling it."
  7. I can look at all of my failings and foolishness because I know who Christ is for me. I rest in his wisdom and life not my own.
  8. It turns out the family trait of not being able to wait runs deep and wide in the family of God. We do foolish things while we wait for promises to be fulfilled.