1. There's Something About Mary — Gillespie and Riley dive deep into an early church argument about Mary, why a bishop named Nestorius, and Mohammed, rejected the virgin birth, and why it's important to discuss the topic today.
  2. Fat Camels and Catchy Songs — Gillespie and Riley finish their reading of John of Damascus’ critique of Islam, then jump into the writings of Arius to better understand the foundation of Islam and modern American Christianity.
  3. An enthusiast came in here looking for you — real God and country-type. I don't know. Might further the plot? Gillespie and Riley read and discuss John of Damascus again this week. What’s an enthusiast? Why are footnotes important? How do Aphrodite, Arius, and a Nestorian monk lay the foundation for Islam?
  4. God’s prophet? Inconceivable! Gillespie and Riley read and discuss the work of John of Damascus which explains why Islam is a Christian heresy.