1. Our past, present, and future receive healing from Jesus’ wounds.
  2. In honor of the anniversary of Philip Melanchthon’s Birthday, the following is an excerpt from Meeting Melanchthon written by Scott Keith (1517 Publishing, 2017).
  3. John’s message doesn’t inspire religious leaders to repent. Instead, John’s message provokes them to resentment and rage.
  4. Consider the word, “salvation.” It comes from the same root word as salvage.
  5. On this day, the church remembers all the saints who have gone before us.
  6. Nobody is going to crash Jesus’ wedding feast. Jesus is throwing the only party in town worth attending, and it’s going to be a celebration.
  7. When we focus on God's self-giving Word, when we turn our attention to Golgotha, we are shown a wholly different way of viewing the Commandments.
  8. Jesus becomes who you are and you become who he is. His kindness and patience and courage are given to you, and your lust and meanness and impatience are reckoned to him.
  9. Christ exchanged His excellent love, His wonderful heart, for my shameful adultery with you.
  10. A heart that wants nothing that is not from God can only occur by the Holy Spirit speaking the Gospel into our hearts.
  11. What happens when our children are taught to read the Scriptures as evidence that God is a heavenly Santa Claus? When happens when they think God rewards or punishes them depending on whether they've been naughty or nice?
  12. Jesus’ life and work is now ours through faith.

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