1. You’re not new because of what you do. You’re new and so you do new things, even in spite of yourself, because of your sinful nature.
  2. From the beginning to the end of his letter, John really wants one thing: for us to be in Jesus.
  3. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR, Mike, Wade, and Jason discuss the self and our notions of it, using Andrea Wulf’s article in the Atlantic, “Where Our Sense of Self Comes From,” as a springboard.
  4. Being the baptized just may be the last, great resistance.
  5. In the place of God, Marx sets the material, autonomous, self-creating man.
  6. What does the Prince of Peace mean when He says, "I've come not to bring peace, but a sword?" In sending out The Twelve, Jesus reminds us all of just Who is our very identity.
  7. Beneath the calm, within the light, A hid unruly appetite Of swifter life, a surer hope, Strains every sense to larger scope, Impatient to anticipate The halting steps of aged Fate. Now listen to Ringside.
  8. According to the make believe wokeness-ometer, Jesus qualifies as the most authoritative voice because he was the most oppressed. Poor Jew, not from Jerusalem, under Roman rule, betrayed by his own, even his friends, killed because of his identity. Listen to him.
  9. You are free from allowing anyone to cast doubt on your salvation based upon your political preferences. And free from causing anyone else to question their faith due to what Christian convictions they may have to compromise to vote in one direction or the other.
  10. When your identity is tied up in the judgment of others—you're in deep trouble. Because, however well-curated and photo-shopped your life may be, sooner or later someone is going to look at you, they'll swipe, and they'll move on.
  11. Story of Woman: Genesis to Revelation

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