1. Craig and Troy finish up the short series on offenses given and received. Today they look at the offense of false teaching, and how the church should respond to it.
  2. Today on the show, we remember Johannes Trithemius and the intersection of theology, astrology, and the occult.
  3. How I Met Your Other Mother. In this episode, we discuss Tertullian on Heresies, especially the relationship of philosophy to theology, and how to pastorally address heresies past and present.
  4. We cannot overstate that no person outside the Bible has been as influential to Christian theology as Augustine.
  5. Origen is wrong about stuff, but he had the foresight to say that if he was wrong, he was open to correction.
  6. Just like we end up walking in circles when lost with no navigation instruments, so does humankind outside of Christ. Nothing has changed since the Reformation. People still suck and God still loves.
  7. Don't glue boards together and don't drink the Kool-Aid. Craig and Troy describe why both of those make for bad Christological heresies. We trust in the true Christ who is fully God and fully man, given for us.
  8. God the Father, God the Space Ghost, and God the Holy Ghost? That doesn't seem right. How about, God the Father, God the Created Son, and . . . no, that's not right either. Craig and Troy look at some more Christoogical heresies that try to understand Jesus, but miss the mark.
  9. Knowing who Jesus is allows us to be reassured of our salvation. Jesus is both true God and true man, in a mysterious way that cannot be fully understood. "Bad words" about Jesus result in heresy and are destructive to your faith.

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