1. Are We Just Rats in a Maze? In this episode, we discuss grief, mourning, death, and hope while reading C.S. Lewis’s book, A Grief Observed.
  2. In this episode Chad looks at the place of angels, the supreme glory of God over all creation and meditates on the mysterious glory that awaits all of us who trust in our Redeemer.
  3. I think the problem with the idea of eternity is that we do not have any direct experience of it, but we encounter enough of its possibility to be unsettling.
  4. Who can ascend the holy mountain? Who can enter the gates of the eternal city?
  5. Better off spending one day in the courts of heaven with our loving God than a hundred anywhere else.
  6. Heaven is Miller Time. Heaven is the party in the streaming sunlight of the world’s final afternoon.
  7. God's city is beautiful because God has constructed it to offer eternal safety to all weary sinners.
  8. This is an excerpt from “God’s Devil” written by John Warwick Montgomery (1517 Publishing, 2020).
  9. If the world could have been saved by bookkeeping, it would have been saved by Moses, not Jesus. The law was just fine.

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