1. Discipleship involves listening to the Word of God. But discipleship is not only about listening to the Word of God. It also involves listening to the world.
  2. In the kitchen of Jesus, God gathers individuals who live on the margins. Their lives do not fit the dress code of a five-star restaurant. Their language offends and their behavior dismays and, deep down, like the disciples, we may just want Jesus to send them away.
  3. No matter how far down you fall into the wavering waters of “If you are...” prayers, Jesus is there.
  4. Jesus is the One leading and teaching God’s people, who sustains them when they hunger in the wilderness.
  5. Jesus fills us with the Spirit and sends us as sources of living water into the thirsting world.
  6. Jesus has come that we might know God, not from a distance, but from His personal intervention in our lives.
  7. But notice one thing. When Jesus speaks of commands, He does so in the context of love.
  8. Even when you are not sure where Jesus is going, you are on the way, because you are with Him: The Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus is right by your side.
  9. Indeed, Jesus has come to rule the nations, but He will do this by submitting to His Father’s will, not Satan’s.
  10. Jesus came not to overwhelm us with His majesty but to touch us with God’s love.
  11. For Jesus to be enforcing God’s Law seems strange to some people today, and it would have seemed strange to some people back then.
  12. God has the power to take that which is small, that which is overlooked, that which is despised, and use it to create something wonderful.

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