1. The shepherd calls the sheep by name. They hear and recognize his voice. They know his voice. So, when he leads them out, they go.
  2. Attending to the organization and development of a sermon’s content into a message which is experienced in real time honors the nature of our God-given humanity.
  3. God has made us as embodied creatures with eyes, ears, reason, and all our senses and emotions. We preach Christ to whole people, real people, in real time.
  4. Easter is the most important Sunday because Christ is risen, death is defeated, and all of God’s promises find their fulfillment in Jesus.
  5. Here on Palm Sunday in the Gospel according to John, we see several groups of people in progress. Some have seen more signs than others. None of them really get it.
  6. I hope your people expect and even demand this of you. But how we proclaim the central message, that can (and probably should) vary.
  7. Though it may feel to us like the darkness is winning, God’s Word reveals the darkness is waning. The Light of the world has come.
  8. When all the people had been baptized, when all the people had washed the filth of their sins into the water, Jesus went into the water to draw their sins unto Himself.
  9. Because we could never intuitively figure it out, God reveals Christ to us.
  10. He is given His name so you could call on it. He is called Jesus, so you can call on Jesus and be saved.
  11. This parable does its surprising work of turning everything upside-down, as Christ’s Kingdom always does.

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