1. When You Meet Jesus | Gospel Encounters
  2. Is Proverbs 31 inspiring or burdening to women? Is it a passage that's just for women? What do you think when you think about Proverbs 31? Where is the gospel in this passage?
  3. For almost three years, I have produced a weekly video in the series “Reading the Gospels through Hebrew Eyes.” Here is an index of all the Gospel readings covered so far, with links to their YouTube videos.
  4. From the 4 corners of the cross, Christ’s gift of redemption spreads throughout the earth, throughout the generations, and is perpetually praised in the celestial realm.
  5. Rachel was the beloved wife, to be sure, but she was not the maternal link between Eve and Mary. That blessed position belonged to Leah.
  6. Throughout the Old Testament, the seas and fish were symbols of the Gentiles. When Jesus ate fish, and called fishermen, he showed us that the mission to the Gentiles was about to begin in earnest.
  7. “Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl.” Those nine words could serve as the Bible’s subtitle.
  8. Jesus cuts right to the chase when it comes to the evil one. He calls the devil “a liar and the father of lies,”
  9. In an age when the phrase “new and improved” applies to everything from phones to marriages, when we as a nation mimic juveniles, lustily pursuing the next new thing, the worst decision a church can make is to cater to this weakness.
  10. The church’s worship should boldly and explicitly do two things: confess the incarnation and practice for the resurrection.

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