1. We take a look at 1 Timothy 5 on why the pastoral office is exceedingly important, and should be treated so by pastor and congregation alike.
  2. God is not calling us to “grow up.” He is calling us to dependence.
  3. Justification and regeneration are, therefore, necessarily connected and have profound implications upon the craft of preaching.
  4. Faith should later again flow forth from our heart’s depths to our neighbor freely and unhindered in good works; not that we wish to rest our salvation in them; for God will not have that, but wishes the conscience to rest in himself alone.
  5. There are plenty of reasons why you do not already do whatever you want out of fear of the law, and you will find these reasons persist and remain long after the gospel has its way with you.
  6. The Second Edition of “The Christian Life: Cross or Glory?” by Steven Hein is now available from 1517 Publishing.

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