1. Once again, Samson feels he's been wronged.
  2. Ruth chapter three is either sweet or sensuous, but either way God's plan for the Redeemer shines through in the end.
  3. God is three, yet God is one, which means He is beyond our ability to fully comprehend. So why do we believe in a Triune God? Craig and Troy chat over some Trinitarian heresies and give us the comfort of knowing the One True Triune God.
  4. Are devotions private or public? Craig and Troy speak on the Word in all its forms, especially the Word as it comes to us through the gathered church.
  5. Why does suffering hurt so much? Craig and Troy explore the idea that God works through our suffering for the benefit of others and ourselves, but He does so without us seeing Him work. So what should our faith latch onto? Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and give us a great review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts! Email us: ForYouRadio@1517.org
  6. The Christian faith as expressed in the Creed - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Special guest Caleb Keith who is in charge of Podcasts for 1517.org, Co-Host of the Thinking Fellows Podcast and editor of the book Credo, now available at 1517.org
  7. “Vengeance is mine!” says the Lord. God has established governing authorities to punish the wrongdoer. How do we understand our role as Christians and our role as citizens? Craig and Troy wade into this topic and wrestle with God’s Word and difficult realities.