1. Once again, Samson feels he's been wronged.
  2. David and Adam reflect on the parable of the invisible gardener, which John Wisdom (1904-1993) and Antony Flew (1923-2010) developed to illustrate epistemological and linguistic issues associated with theology.
  3. The Thinking Fellows discuss the doctrine of God.
  4. Paulson continues the discussion about God in the dung.
  5. Can God enter somewhere where he should not be? Paulson looks at the assertion that if God gets too dirty or too near to sin, he is no longer God.
  6. Dr. Paulson explores Luther's rebuttal of the adage "Knowledge is Power."
  7. In this episode, Paulson discusses Peter Lombard.
  8. What does it mean for God to be a "pure act?"
  9. In this episode, Paulson explains how Luther continues to reach out to Erasmus with demonstrations from classical antiquity.
  10. Dr. Paulson continues to discuss Erasmus' theory of God's kindness.
  11. What do you do when the accusation of the law strikes?
  12. Caleb and Scott read through the first several articles of the Smalcald Articles.

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