1. Christian mercy should not seek its own. It must be round, and open its eyes and look at all alike, friend and foe, as our heavenly Father does.
  2. We cannot love first. Therefore God comes, takes hold of the heart, and says: "Learn to know me."
  3. Now, if there were another way to heaven, doubtless, he would have made it known to us.
  4. Because everything we possess, and everything in heaven and on earth besides, is daily given, sustained, and protected by God, it inevitably follows that we are in duty bound to love, praise, and thank him without ceasing
  5. Christians have the rare faculty, above all other people on earth, of knowing where to place their care, while others vex and torture themselves and at length must despair.
  6. Although human reason pretends to understand a great deal about work and word of God. The glory of it is too bright, the longer he beholds it the blinder he becomes.
  7. Love is to be the interpreter of law. Where there is no love, these things are meaningless, and law begins to do harm.
  8. Christ teaches that we are not lost, but have eternal life. That God has so loved us that he allowed the ransom to cost him his only beloved child.
  9. I venture to assert I have never read, in the entire Scriptures, words more beautifully expressive of the grace of God than these two children words.