1. What Luther is doing in his Catechism is teaching how the gospel is an action of the whole Trinity, not just one of the persons.
  2. Repentance means being cut down by the law’s declaration of judgment. It’s not an activity we do to prepare for grace, but a point of despair worked by God himself.
  3. Luther's signature insight on the sacraments was that God’s word of promise doesn’t just symbolize an absent reality but that it gives and bestows God’s real favor.
  4. Christmas is, therefore, the beginning of Christ’s earthly ministry, even while he awaits a number of years to gather his disciples and inaugurate his preaching of the kingdom.
  5. We might not appreciate that God chooses to save us by his word alone, but our discomfort doesn’t make the promise any less effective.
  6. Terror and even hatred of God are the only things with which divine hiddenness can leave us.
  7. Christ’s indwelling in the Christian must be tied relentlessly to these external and objective events of God’s own action.