1. Jesus did not need a single act of mercy to get him started on the road to mercy, his essence was by nature merciful.
  2. “Poverty of spirit” is not an ethical value we strive for. It is an act of God’s mercy spoken to the deepest recesses of our soul when it’s overwhelmed by God’s grace.
  3. The place where it is most difficult for us to accept God’s will is when suffering, calamities, and finally, death itself.
  4. The kingdom of God has a proper name, and his name is Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man.
  5. In both Psalms, we hear the Messiah becoming sin for us, and thus he pleads on our behalf before the Father
  6. That is the good news that ifies all hand wringing and wipes away every tear from every eye.
  7. He would not go back on his word, for his word is the word of the Father and the Spirit, and they all say “come.”