1. This love story goes on and on, from the beginning of time. Every retelling of this incredible story reveals a little more, exposing our inadequacy, producing more devotion, capturing unspoken emotion, inspiring us to a greater love.
  2. The Holy Spirit is not ours to hunt down; rather, we are the ones relentlessly pursued by the word of Christ.
  3. What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with God? And what words, then, do I pray?
  4. We are no longer controlled by sin as He moves our lips to speak love and forgiveness. We are passive as He acts out His words and His salvation for us.
  5. Christ exchanged His excellent love, His wonderful heart, for my shameful adultery with you.
  6. We are dangerously good at focusing on our exciting, or boring, walk of faith.
  7. She heard it before, but looking around she struggles to see how it matters.
  8. God spoke into the black depth. “Let there be light."