1. This opening section of Ephesians is a virtual treasure trove of gospel promises, praising God for who He is and the abundant blessings He pours out upon His saints.
  2. What is essential and non-essential in an age of crisis? Ringside meets the Craft of Preaching with Dr. Peter Nafzger in a discussion about preaching to specific people in a specific location. Half of the Seminary may be from Nebraska, but what does your hyper-local world need to hear? Maybe the preacher’s task is to start a crisis.
  3. The following is an excerpt from "Finding Christ in the Straw," written by Robert M. Hiller (1517 Publishing, 2020).
  4. The real problem with the way we talk about Baptism in particular, and the sacraments at all, is that we are simply afraid of letting God’s Word get us.
  5. In Christ, God is not angry, but is your tender Father Who loves you with an everlasting love.
  6. The Word of God wrecked the room. The wise and seasoned pastor along with the smart mouth vicar were all silenced in the fear and awe of a God who can seem so absent at times.